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O’ Mother ! …. My Dear Mother !

O’ Mother ! …. My Dear Mother !

Mother, mother… Maa, Mummy, Mama …… the most loved words in the world over. But where have YOU gone ? To where have you departed isolating us since 2nd August last? We are now incapacitated even to utter this loving word MOTHER after your desertion. O’ dear Mother! how could you be so cruel to us?

Today we remember our past…. When I was four years old and sister Iti now hardly a month old, our dear father met a train accidental death. We are seven brothers and sisters. Our father was a kind hearted person to come to the aid of many, the holder of a small job. He could, therefore, not help save anything for us. He only left you, mother, to look after we, the siblings. After his death you, Iti and I had arrived Kalarabanka our native village from Tata Nagar. Mother ! I still remember in this village we had two tiny rooms, smaller than even a cowshed, left unused with wild plants abound. You had opened a rusted lock to see the two sheds filled with grass, the weeds and what not. Even the snakes used the rooms as nests.

Though everyone in the village knew that you hailed from a very rich family, your daddy brought you up with utmost love and affection till you were 15. But he chose a suitable partner with my daddy as your life mate. I have heard from others that my daddy, although a poor man, made you comfortable till his death. Till you were forty and arrived in the village with daddy nobody came to your help. No brother No relatives or neighbors ever sympathetic to you. All wonder that a woman from a rich family and living in a city like in Tata Nagar could lead like in this backward village. How? In a backward village in Odisha how could see look after so many children and herself ? Having a strong mind and un altered faith on god. You faced life with courage to live in those two tiny rooms infested with snakes. There was no money with you nor any landed property, nor any help from anybody. Maa! what courage, will power you had! After fathers’ death you spent a very hard life. I was very small but I have seen you plucking lettuce from the river bank, catching fish from the river and with watered rice you were serving us daily. There were some days when this food was also not available for us. You were working in many households in the village, producing rice from paddy from many families and selling the husks to spend whatever you got for us. You have made ropes from coconut sell, growing vegetables and selling in the local market. With so much of painful toil you were trying to make us stand on our own legs. Mother ! I have seen and felt all these in my heart and mind. I have seen how you have ground yourself in poverty, were humiliated with criticisms. You have felt everything painfully year after year, never broke down even after scolding’s from village’s. If then you had taken those to heart then we would not have become what we are today. Half-fed, Half-clad in a underdeveloped village there were no electricity nor roads. Your blessings and your sacrifices and your strong will power, we 7 brothers and sisters have made us self-dependant.

I have travelled 50 countries of the world, whole of India, 1000s knowing me and they love me, salute me but HAVE I EVER SEEN A MOTHER LIKE YOU! The reason is your have dedicated a son to the service of the society. It is said that, a happy son can only be born from a happy mother’s blessings. Your honesty, truthfulness, simplicity have made Sukuta to Achyuta Samanta all they salute you. Mother ! you have struggled enough in life but never uttered a word in protest. “When you earn, I will be able to wear a beautiful Saree…” you have never said this. O’ Mother ! what a great thing you have done ! What a far-sightedness you possessed ! from 2004 you stood behind me and made Kalarabanka an Ideal village to which the whole world now gazed and gazed, thanks to your far-sight. None ever thought about it, you had never studied much, but your knowledge wisdom to do good things rare seen in others. Now the same village is known as a Smart Village and Panchayat as an Ideal Panchayat. But our own tiny dilapidated cowshed – like rooms have seen no change. In 1970 you are buying rice now also you do the same. You are so good that you never wanted to change those two rooms into a beautiful mansion or ask me to buy 10 to 50 acres of cultivable land. Then perhaps you would not get to be buying rice to eat. Neither have I seen such a mother nor will be able to see any! O’ Dear Mother I have not given you anything nor have I made you happy, nor any wealth, nor afford any time to you that is how I regret now. Upto 25th year I studied and kept me employed, KIIT and KISS made my life full of struggles. That is why to sit with you and spend some happy time was ever possible for me. In my life time so far I have never spend at least one hour with you. Mother !  hope you would pardon me for that. You know your son very well. The greatest thing that happened in my life is that I decided not to marry and told you my decision but you never forced me to get married. I have decided to be good and do good. No where have I met such a grandiose woman. With your blessings I have never deviated from my duty and doing something for the society. Now you have left me alone. How would I perform my duties? Together we all came from Tata Nagar, how did you part earlier, I am a bachelor. Who is there to ask me, whether I have taken food nor told me any affectionate words. How could you, mother, be so cruel? You are so good that from your hospital bed, you directed me to leave immediately lest my time will be wasted. You have never put me into trouble because you know that youngest son has everything sans time. My request to you now is not to take birth anywhere so soon, wait for me in the heavens we will spend some time together. After I have finished my duties, will decide how will we be born again as mother and son. Your blessings will lead me to dedicate my life to service to the people. You have always incited me to do good to the people. A bad person is best known as a dead, even if he is alive. Although you have not studied much you were wise knowledgeable, qualitative, unblotshed countenances I have ever seen anywhere? How nice a mother were you? Not only in appearance but also in heart and mind which were nicer. To love people is an attribute in you. You have told me often as long as you don’t exploit others you ought not to be afraid of anybody. I have not been so any time nor will I be afraid. I have always hated these two things in life. How great life you had far-sight, with my mother? All the time you have taught your sons and daughters to be good to others. For that only we brothers and sisters are now living with our heads high. Holding my younger sister Iti on the lap, one side of your body was paralysed but you had never looked back, no deviation from duties as you then as you now.

Wish your blessings would always be by my side and after I completed my duties to the society I will go back to you. I pledge that after I come to you, mother, I will spend enough time with you, I will hug you for hours.