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  • Achyuta Samanta Inaugurating KIMS Ambulance Service

World Health Day

2023-04-07T12:10:14+05:307 Apr 2023|Blog|

Access to quality healthcare is a crucial concern that cannot be ignored. For me, this issue hit particularly close to >

Periods in Pandemic

2020-10-10T07:06:08+05:3028 May 2020|Blog|

Every year on May 28, non-governmental organisations, government agencies, the private sector, the media, and individuals come together to celebrate >

Helpless yet Hopeful!

2020-10-10T07:06:11+05:304 Apr 2020|Blog|

Human race is the most evolved species with the power of emotion and reason. However, in certain circumstances, the superior >

Technology to fight Pandemics

2020-10-10T07:06:12+05:3027 Mar 2020|Blog|

Technology influences and affects people all over the world today. Advances in technology have made our countries safer and our >

Health is Wealth

2020-10-10T07:06:12+05:3026 Mar 2020|Blog|

Growing up, we have heard the adage 'Health is Wealth', and the reverse "Wealth is also Health". A healthy life >

Power of Social Distancing

2020-10-10T07:06:12+05:3025 Mar 2020|Blog|

We are all aware of the worldwide situation arising from the Corona pandemic. We are also seeing how the most >

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