Democratic India confers power with the people. The power is exercised through its designated representatives who have the command to manage them for particular period. But they are nothing without civil servants and administrative secretaries. The civil services by quality of its knowledge, experience and understanding of public affairs support the chosen representatives to device effectual policy and have great responsibility to implement these policies for the welfare of society and enhancement of nation and the state of their cadre. Effective and efficient institutions form the strength of an efficacious development and governance process. The administration as the link between the government and the governed assumes more responsive role in times of crisis.

In the current Coronavirus pandemic, the administrators are taking big decisions and these crisis response calls affect the millions of lives of the people. Their role is even more important as people do not know what is next? They are mobilizing to do the best they can as quickly as they can to combat Corona. Their speculations, assumptions, trial balloons and visionary leadership determines how their states will fare in terms of the current situation.

To tackle the damages done by Coronavirus, the administrative staffs are working day in and out. The entire hierarchy of administration is into work, starting from senior members to the newbies, the work doesn’t stop. The sarpanchs are all in this together. Numerous administrators haven’t visited their families since the beginning of the outbreak. These administrative officers are not in the news. They are not supposed to be. They are working behind the scenes to tackle the public health crisis. This is no ordinary work. Things are so bad that even US President Donald Trump has described the coronavirus pandemic as the “worst attack” ever on the United States. Mr. Trump said the outbreak had hit the US harder than the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in World War Two, or the 9/11 attacks two decades ago.

During natural disasters and calamities, all the levels of government put all their efforts. Usually, calamities are short lived or have a region-specific impact. Coronavirus undoubted is the most devastating calamity in recent times which is even throughout the world. A lot of credit is given to frontline warriors such as the Police and the health care workers, which is necessary. But it is equally important to acknowledge the administration making plans, executing the best for the state and India and preparing for the worst with visionary leadership and instil confidence in people.Their sacrifices matter. They too are coronavirus warriors.

The administration continues to ensure constant, consistent and credible communication to provide necessary public health guidance and to allay any fears and panic among the populace. They oversee the damage and repair of the economy, cater to the people at the lowest economic level and execute nationwide plans making their contribution unique. The administrators, giving their all, have proven to the people that they are with them.  They have to keep calm, rational yet thoughtful as much as quick and reactive. Earlier, the government administrative staff were not acknowledged for their work or were dubiously tagged with red-tapism and leathrgy. Whereas, today, things have changed. People respect and recognise the work that administrators are doing. This is throughout all regions, and especially in Odisha. Exactly how it should be at this point in time.