Humanitarian Activities


Humanitarian Activities by Achyuta Samanta

Socio-cultural itinerary has been one of Prof. Samanta’s multifrontal sojourn for holistic social reform and transformation.The multifaceted Prof. Achyuta Samanta has not remained contented with KIIT & KISS and has never forgotten his roots and philosophy of his life to respect mother, motherland and mother tongue. He has always believed in giving back to the society and consider Art of Giving as the ethos of his life.

“Be obliged, not ungrateful.”

Humanitarian Activities by Achyuta Samanta
Art of Giving Initiative by Achyuta Samanta

Art of Giving

Art of Giving is a social movement to promote kindness, compassion and generosity in society. It encourages people to give in all forms, not just material things, and promotes the idea that giving can bring peace and happiness to both the giver and the receiver.

New Mind New Dreams by Achyuta Samanta

New Mind, New Dreams

New Mind New Dreams is an initiative that promotes awareness about education, health, human rights, sanitation, and hygiene among marginalized children and people. The program aims to empower children and people to see and achieve their dreams.

Kanya Kiran by Achyuta Samanta

Kanya Kiran

Kanya Kiran is an initiative that focuses on creating a safe environment for girls and promoting education to empower them. The program aims to eradicate sexual violence against girls and bring awareness about the importance of education for their overall development. Etymologically, it means girls are like ray of sun.

Society, Humanity & Spirituality by Achyuta Samanta

Society, Humanity & Spirituality

Society Humanity and Spirituality is a movement that aims to make society a better place to live in by inculcating humaneness and spirituality. The program emphasizes on promoting spiritual values to lead a fulfilling life.

Life-skills Education by Achyuta Samanta copy

Life-skills Education

Providing lifeskills education to 1,50,000 school children with UNFPA collaboration

Art of Appriciation by Achyuta Samanta

Art of Appreciation

The Art of Appreciation is a movement to promote happiness and positivity by appreciating the good qualities of people and things around us. The program encourages people to focus on the positive aspects of their lives and appreciate the good deeds of others. Speaking a few good words costs nothing but can be grounding mechanism to make people resilient and face crisis.

Kalinga Fellowship by Achyuta Samanta

Kalinga Fellowship

The Kalinga Fellowship in collaboration with Bridge Institute, Singapore is an international program that focuses on eradicating sexual harassment against women. The program offers fellowships to individuals and organizations that work towards empowering women and promoting gender equality.

Education for All by Achyuta Samanta

Education for all

Education for All is an initiative that emphasizes the importance of quality education and strives to ensure that every child has access to it. The program aims to remove barriers to education, such as poverty, lack of infrastructure, and promote a culture of learning.

In the Social Sector

Rural Development by Achyuta Samanta

Rural Development

Development of Kalarabanka, Prof. Samanta’s native village, to smart Village

Sakha Program by Achyuta Samanta


An innovative community media initiative promoting behaviour change among pregnant and lactating mothers through the largest transgender network of Odisha in collaboration with Azim Premji Philanthropic Initiatives

India Against Negativity by Achyuta Samanta

India Against Negativity

India Against Negativity is a forum for positive-minded people who want to combat negativity and promote positivity in society. It’s a forum where like-minded positive people congregate to raise their voice to empower the victims suffering at the hand of negativism. It is just a way to promote positive change.


Humanitarian Activities by Achyuta Samanta with Students

His flagship initiatives have touched over tens of millions of lives and helped in promotion of peace and happiness in the society.

“If one is not appreciated or hailed during his/her lifetime, it’s like living dead.”

Humanitarian Activities by Achyuta Samanta with Students