When we dare to take the challenge, we call for success. If we don’t dare and stay in the comfort zone, bringing in change is difficult. I would like to share the small example of taking a few students of KISS to New Delhi on a tour. All the success is attributed to the intention to do something good.

Kids born into poverty in the interiors of the state never get an opportunity to explore the world and find a cause to live for. Instead, they were tortured by the Naxalites and churned into the system of red-tapism where they finally meet their end. They never thought of coming into the brighter side of the world. I have done my small bit of bringing, nurturing and educating them on this new side of the world.

This is my ultimate work now, to serve children and to be the reason for their smile always, no matter how difficult my life is. To spread happiness and positivity among these children gives me ultimate pleasure. I was honored when I was appointed as the MP of the upper house, for this, I would like to thank the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Odisha who recognized my decades of work.

I realized I should visit the parliament with the kids I have worked for 27 years. 40 KISS students accompanied by 5 staff members joined me for Parliament visit. I never felt that segregating someone as rich or poor because of my personal hardships. I arranged everything for their stay and made them tour not just the parliament but across the union territory and nearby places with all the comforts and convenience.

While touring the Parliament I made sure that they eat from the canteen, visit various niche sections of the parliament like the humongous library. They took pictures, interacted with people and saw a different side of this world. I am grateful to the Vice President of India, Shri Venkaiah Naidu who upon knowing that KISS students had visited the parliament invited these children to have breakfast with him.

The same kids who were poverty-stricken and tortured were now having breakfast at the Vice-Presidents’ house! The kind of confidence and self-motivation this meet created is tremendous. Now, these kids can dare to think and act to become someone eligible to serve the country for a greater cause. This is what I had always aimed to achieve. The children had never thought of it in the wildest of their dreams. A sports meet was arranged with more than 550 sports personnel. It was a win-win situation for both the players and the sports personnel. Students got motivated and the personnel was happy to interact with budding sports stars.

The spectators of this tour went ahead to mention that a child’s father wouldn’t do as much, what I have done for these kids. I was both happy and blessed that I could serve these kids with the utmost happiness and bliss.

All I want to state is to keep trying and contributing to the happiness in the society, one way or the other. If we can devote some time and of happiness to others, it would help a big deal to others. And when we try and spread happiness I am sure we too will get the bliss out of this service.