To become great is difficult, to maintain is more difficult and to continue with the same intensity is the most difficult feat.
There are three categories of people in this world, one who are born in great luxury and have the scope of expanding and deepening what they receive as a legacy. They labour hard to achieve higher echelons but their struggle is not as difficult as their previous generation who make it large. The second category is the one who are pushed into greatness by some stroke of fate. They assume the position and continue to exert it with focussed endeavours, discipline and adaptation to change. The third category is the one who become great by the sweat of their labour, almost from zero, rise from obscurity into prominence, carve a niche for themselves and retain it with much pain. They endure more risks because they do not fear falling again as they are very grounded.

Those who know me know the story of KIIT, KISS and my personal struggles – my poor childhood, struggle with sponsoring education and the hardships. We started from the scratch to become one of the most sought after universities in India. Wearer only knows where the shoe pinches and my set of ordeals are known to me and God. Now, that KIIT and KISS have achieved a place of prominence, I wonder, how does it rise from there? How do we not plateau? Continuation of beauty is more important than creation of beauty.  It takes a lot of energy, passion and intention to maintain the huge institutions. Continuity and Consistency to rise towards excellence has been the hallmark of these two institutions. KIIT group of institutions from its inception has gone only forward and upward without succumbing to any challenges. And the process of growth continues. We don’t become complacent and bask in the glory of the progress in the past we continue to create hope for the future. Without this spirit, it would not have been possible to rise from the garage operated Industrial Training Institution to an Institution of Eminence.

In these trying times where the world is slowly moving towards the new normal, continuity takes a huge toll. All forms of work, business, arenas of life have been upended at the worst and changed its flow if it is affected less. At such times, leadership lies in bouncing back through innovation and pivot. Patience is the key to change, experiment, hit and try that will work because all this will pass too.