The Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), a virus that came into existence in late 2019, has now engulfed the entire world. Even the most advanced countries in the world have been severely affected by this pandemic. Superpowers such as the US, UK, China, and several developed countries in Europe have been the worst-affected. Interestingly, in the context of COVID-19, the phrase “Might is Right” has failed to stand true. Today, the USA, despite being one of the most developed countries in the world, has been reduced to its bare bones in its fight against this deadly disease. The disease does no discrimination on the basis of caste, creed, religion, place of birth or any of them.

On a positive note, coronavirus has united the entire world. Every human being is together in this fight – irrespective of how strong or weak, rich or poor, big or small they are. Apart from the medical staff and other experts, we are all mere spectators, staying put in our respective houses as we wait for the storm to pass. In essence, we are all together, cheering each other as the world aims to recover from these unprecedented turn of events.

Since mankind came into existence, we have always believed there is a certain force, one that we cannot see, but that has the power to derive change and dictate how things work. In any religion, we pray when things go wrong or when we are faced with a situation that we have no control over. We seek strength and courage to overcome the challenge that has been presented to us. And that’s precisely what we’re doing right now. About 7.8 billion inhabitants praying to the almighty to provide a solution and guide us through these difficult times.