Human race is the most evolved species with the power of emotion and reason. However, in certain circumstances, the superior human intellect, reason and collective effort can also not defeat a simple micro organism, that has engulfed the world in paranoia. Advanced research, lab experiments, trial and error methods have also failed to control the spread of the deadly virus COVID 19 in the last 2 months.

The world has come to a standstill. More than 70 percent of our world is in some or other sort of lockdown. There have been theories about the COVID 19’s origin, it’s spread, the temperature, immunity, epidemic graphs and prediction, yet nothing definitive or concrete has been discovered. Each level of the society, rich or poor, each country and its policymakers are waging a battle against CORONA just by trying to minimising loses, both mortal and economical.

There has been a major economic setback. The recession that is going to follow the overcoming of the virus is going to be a tougher challenge, especially for the developing and underdeveloped countries. It’s pulled many economies back by more than ten years. Lockdown and the aftermath on trade will hit the poor and poor middle class. The share markets are gloomy and the companies lack the incentive to produce with a fallen demand thereby stifling economic growth. The dilemma is even greater – economic growth or health for all. The worst realities of restricted social sector spending is visible even in the rich nations which are crumbling down because of the overwhelming of hospitals.

Amidst all these uncertainty, there is still a ray of hope that comes from past experience of dealing with such pandemics, falling down just to regain the old strengths. But the key to this crisis is patience. It has taught that no battle so severe can be fought without perseverance. One mistake from anyone, can make the community suffer, that’s the power of this contagious invisible enemy against humanity.

The reason behind greatest tragedy humanity is suffering today is the idea of instant gratification. We are now living in an age where we change radio and TV channels if we find anything even remotely boring, which can be as little as a few seconds. The simplest description of new age human is ‘happiness zombie’, a headless creature in a constant and insatiable search to find ways of abusing brain’s reward circuits. In this, what Corona is teaching us is patience.

For everything that we have learnt, there has been a human being who has been patient with us. While parents have been naturally gifted with this quality, it is not limited just to them, as each of us have had teachers, friends and even complete strangers helping us with learning something.

If there is a real super power that humans once had, it was being patient. Humans have reached so far, it is because we all are able to spend time with each other and help each other learn. With coronavirus, we now have a received a wake up call to understand the need of slowing down and interacting with humans as humans.

Don’t step out, just step up to keep yourself and your family safe so that government machinery can help the ones who need it now and not get overburdened. Stay at home, help the state to help us all.