Dear Friends,

People who know me are aware that I am not very tech-savvy nor am I a person of many words. My life has been about outright action. But I see it’s important to connect the dots of my life and give it to the people, young and young at heart.

My primary phone is still not a smartphone. But I realise that I have to march ahead with the changing times. I am learning it and that’s the reason I have been keeping you updated with all my activities and development through Social Media.

Now, I am taking baby steps to start a blog and delve into that arena. It will consist of my thoughts on social, political, economic, tribal, education and other aspects of India and world. It will be things that matter to us. You. Me. Common Man. But, more than anything else it is going to be about the lessons I have learnt in my life, my experience of life and work and my ideals.

You have always loved me and I hope this honest, straight-from-the-heart communication will also engage one and all. Feel free to comment, give suggestions, criticisms and more on social media.