Pandemic fatigue is real. It is creating exhaustion in human beings. Experiencing the profound burden of extreme physical and social distancing in addition to the economic hardship causes damage to psychological well-being and it is not to be ashamed of. There is overstimulation from constant information influx and uncertainty as to what will come from this information, and this is tiring. There is also fatigue associated with a lack of stimulation because of not having a change in environment. People are both in an understimulated and overstimulated state, and both can result in negative impacts on mood. Screen fatigue has been a big part of this experience for a lot of people, and missing the face-to-face laughter and camaraderie and community.

People can not stay at home for long out of compulsion and choice. The rush in the streets now is an example of how people have moved out, taking care of their precautions, as much as possible. They have left it to the play of destiny, whether they will be infected or not. In short, they are adjusting to this new normal.

As “quarantine fatigue” takes root, it’s worth checking in with self and others to deal with this uncertainty in a healthy way.
It could be at least another year before everyday life returns to normal due to COVID-19, so it’s essential to find ways to adapt to current circumstances.

Routines and schedules are helpful. Making personal time while also connecting with friends and family is very important. Physical exercise and maintaining a diet while staying away from less healthy vices is also the need of the hour. It’s important to remember that people are resilient and that we have the ability to get through hard times. The pandemic and social distancing guidelines provide us with new opportunities to be creative, work differently, and come together as family, friends, colleagues, and community. We also know that being kind and charitable to other people boosts our mood, so reaching out and being that cheerful presence for somebody else is a great thing to do.