Shutting down a country of 1.3 billion people is probably the most challenging task in the current day and age, that too on such a short notice. To work this is a challenging assignment, where lives are at risk and there is no solution to the pandemic except for “social distancing”. The Executive plays the most crucial role in order to control the effects of COVID-19. The real heroes of this lockdown execution are the policemen and women.

This summer, when the entire country is staying inside their houses, the police officers are our frontline of defence who are working to maintain law and order and at times making people aware of the coronavirus and helping the public to gear up for the situation. The officers are keeping their family in the sidelines and are doing their duty first. Without thinking of the wellbeing of their parents, siblings and friends, they are working on the streets without even taking a day off. It must be very difficult for their family members to watch a member of family go to work every day!

Stepping out of the house, in itself, is an act of heroism because no one knows when the COVID-19 infection might catch them. They are putting their lives at stake. In fact, the action and efficiency of the Odisha Police has been appreciated and replicated by several states of India. More recently, as people are not able to visit the police station and reach senior police officials because of the lockdown restrictions, Odisha police has strengthened its phone-based system to redress their grievances. A robust network of over 500 Helpline numbers has been developed to facilitate people to lodge their complaints. Further, the Odisha Police social networking team has been doing continuous updates. Odisha Police has been on their toes, anticipating and addressing foreseeable problems. They have been spreading awareness to implementing lockdown to monitoring home quarantine, creating a strong surveillance system and overseeing the distribution of relief material. They are the ones behind the actual success of a week of lockdown.

They have to endure it all- the frustration of the common man, checking the violators, the supply of necessities to the needy and this fiery heat. They are here to listen to our complaints, but who would listen to their worries? If they cease their duties for a day, it can’t be complemented by some other department. The officers have to work irrespective of the existing situation. All we can do in return is to be a little kind to them and thank them whenever possible. Our praises of kindness won’t make their promotions easier or make them any richer. It is our obligation towards those who are serving us. Because, god forbid if there is an error, the first blame will be put on them.

In conclusion, we have to understand that their suffering is more than that of a normal locked down person, but what makes their work exemplary is that with suffering, they sacrifice their all. It takes a lot of heart, perseverance and courage to do what they do. Saying that I hope everyone respects and uphold the law, making it easier for our police department to function properly. Let these unsung heroes get their recognition for their service and security, and that is the least we can do.