Times are different now. The students are suffering each day, primarily because of staying at home, doing or trying to attend online classes. Especially students in the transition years have been in perpetual panic and anxiety ever since the lockdown restrictions due to COVID 19 started. The public schools in urban areas are trying to cope up with the changing times by offering online classes, pivot from their chalk and talk to achieving learning outcomes in new ways.

In such circumstances, CBSE and other boards have decided to reduce the syllabus by 30% keeping in view the increased stress. The experienced board of members have come up with this proposition to reduce the burden of the students. The portions done away with for this year is not a permanent arrangement. It will be included in the subsequent years after the pandemic subsides.

The situation in rural areas is dismal. The online classes have exposed a severe digital divide. People are exploring options and coming up with localised innovations, but it has been lip service. As the spread of the virus has been in all areas and touched rural areas, it is difficult for education to continue.

All such measures are temporary just for the time being. Nothing can replace the classroom teaching and learning environment of the class and wish it to be normal soon.