India is still young as the world is ageing. 63% of India’s population is in the age group of 15-59 years. India’s population has one of the largest workforce. The average age of Japan will be 47, China-49, Europe-46, US-40. Youth is power. India is the world’s most youthful nation. A nation with such youth power cannot dream small. India should dream big and enable the youth to dream big. But besides dreams, the youth has the power to help us stand strong in the times of crisis. They are the driving force in the battle against coronavirus.

Youth has played an important role in spreading awareness about the importance of social distancing and hygiene. Many young boys and girls have gone out of their way to move from door to door to explain the ways to keep virus at bay. They have also volunteered to provide and deliver essential items and groceries to the senior citizens. More than everything else, the youth has become patient staying at home avoiding to become carriers of the virus. It is a pressure on our butterfly generation to stay calm and reduce the activities to home. And they have fared well. A lot of our warriors are young doctors and are saving lives in the hour of crisis. Their studies are out of track, if not discontinuing or office has resorted to work from home. Many have lost jobs, many have got pay cuts and many are struggling to prove themselves. But they are fighting this unique struggle bravely. Life has been difficult for migrant labour in India, walking endlessly to their native land or fighting to get a seat in train to way back home quite contrary to the extended vacation for some elite kids back from their school abroad. Youth has potential to change and usher in change.

To tap the potential of this youth, it is important that they are kind and considerate to people and planet. If the youth is not kind, it has the potential to become a disaster for the country and if kindness becomes ingrained, we will reap the dividend of this kindness. People talk about skill India, digital India and so on, I talk about Kind India to become New, shining India.