Technology influences and affects people all over the world today. Advances in technology have made our countries safer and our lives easier. Technology isn’t an industry. Modern technology has become such an essential part of our lives that without it, the world would be radically different.

India, as a consumer of this technology is a vast market that has influenced this world. When a country of over a billion people are dependent on something, we must understand the importance of that system. Especially in the time of quarantine! Today, the whole world is in the grip of the pandemic COVID-19.

It’s astonishing and hurtful at the same time, seeing a technologically and economically advanced country like USA succumbing hard in the hands of COVID-19. There has been no biasness, from UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson to Prince Charles, everyone is affected or are vulnerable to this infection.

The economy is affected. World’s financial capital- New York City is under lockdown, so also our commercial capital, Mumbai. Streets are calmer than the usual. Some places are so silent that people have started missing the traffic that they used to dislike earlier.

Fortunately, the one element that has rescued us from a complete breakdown is -TECHNOLOGY. The maximum damage control that has been done in the corporate and the financial world is through technology.

At this point in time, technology is so swift that people, even in isolation, can contribute by doing their work on programming systems. Technology has allowed our locked-down world to grow and not shut down.

India is in lockdown. Our lockdown period is tentative. It might increase, depending on the spreading of the virus. It is 21 now, later it might be 30 or even longer. Except for the first line of defence, i.e. healthcare workers, police and other necessary sectors, 1.3 billion people are confined inside our houses.

One can’t imagine the dent that this lockdown would have put on our economy if “technology” wasn’t there to redeem us. The government is catering to people, their needs and demands via technology. Even the Supreme Court is carrying out the proceedings via video conferencing where the lawyers arguing in the listed matter are required to join the video conference from their homes or separate offices. People are engaged in doing daily office works, managing finances, banking, entertaining, networking, communicating and even innovating; all by sitting in one room- ISOLATED.

The millennials for the first time in their life are held in lockdown. They could have been affected the most. Their exams and careers are on stake. But technology has rescued them. They are availing online classes, exams and practise session and not losing out on the most important time of their lives. KIIT University, which keeps academia at its prime level, have adapted online lectures and classes connecting to every student of the university.

Think of the damage that we could have felt if there was no Information Technology. If there was no technology, this lockdown would have resulted in a breakdown of the system. The world has been saved by technology.

The only thing that stands between you and your well-being is a simple fact: you have allowed your thoughts and emotions to take instruction from the outside rather than the inside. The way out is in.

Stay home, stay safe!