Ever since the lockdown began, I have been writing a blog every day. Most of these thoughts are from my experience and interaction with people. I am a workaholic person and not a voracious reader which is why all the blog posts were opinion pieces based on my day-to-day observation during e Corona Crisis.

I have covered topics like social distancing, corona warriors, migrants’ lives, the impact of COVID, the post-COVID world, Odisha’s fight against Corona, and more.

I’m delighted to announce that I will soon be publishing a book which would be a compilation of all the blogs. When I started this process, it was all new for me. But somewhere along the way, I’ve started enjoying it – depicting my thoughts, dictations, corrections, editing, and publishing the blog.

I am thankful for the overwhelming response on my blogs – in the form of comments, likes on social media, and personal messages discussing the key issues. These blogs come from an optimistic person so they tend to highlight the positive aspects. Some blogs unfold real-time challenges we face today like that of the migrants.

I try to keep my writing very simple and easy to understand for everyone and will continue to do so. From now on, I will try to devote time to writing blogs on all important issues and connect with all of my well-wishers.