The most challenging crisis that we have faced since World War II has engulfed all people, families, countries and the world has brought us closer to one another. People have shown a huge sense of responsibility for themselves and for the vulnerable. All of us have voluntarily wished to contribute their bit, whether in terms of finance or kind to make a difference. Even if there is no difference created by a small act, it can create a ripple effect.

We have heard a lot of stories, of random act of kindness and humanity, of people donating their salaries and pensions, of children giving their pocket money to strengthen our fight against COVID 19. As coronavirus cases rise, companies have opened up their purses to donate generously to fight the pandemic. Industry giants such as Reliance Industries, Tata Sons, Wipro, Paytm, Infosys, HDFC Group, SBI, Kotak Mahindra Bank have joined in the fight against COVID-19. Public companies also contributed towards the cause. Financial services conglomerates or insurers from India have all supported government’s relief and rehabilitation measures. Many have taken voluntary pay cuts. Spiritual organisations who lead the thought in India have also gone the extra mile for making India’s resolve against Corona really strong.

With the world at a standstill because of Covid-19, India’s Bollywood industry is seeing abandoned film sets, closed cinemas and movie stars with empty diaries. But many in the film fraternity are also doing their bit to help. Many have donated money to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s national fund for the millions of daily-wage workers who have been left jobless by the lockdown; and many of their colleagues have contributed to a fund set up by the Producers Guild of India to support daily-wage earners in the industry, such as technicians and assistants. Many have offered their residences and offices for converting it into quarantine and isolation centers. The sports league of India has also supported the cause. Besides, they have also raised awareness on social distancing and staying home and needless to say, India’s youth with frantic admiration for Bollywood are following their stars. Many of them have started live sessions on emotional and physical health inspiring people to self quarantine with positivity and believe in “This too shall pass”.

it’s often in times of crisis that we get to experience the best of humanity. And there’s been plenty of heartwarming acts of kindness and generosity on display in the wake of this global pandemic, that can bring stave off the negativity. From the wonderful community-minded initiatives people are introducing in their local areas, all around the world, to the cute animals lost being adopted or stray animals be fed, to masks being made and distributed to the needy, or distributing essential ration items or cooked meals to the needy, to some raising voice against stigma, it can certainly put a smile in these troubled times.

With humanity, people have displayed balance and intelligence in India. This phase will pass. It will not last forever. In the meantime, because it is an invisible enemy, we should sit around for some time. “If it was a big giant, we would have fought it. Because the virus needs us for transportation, all we need to do right now is not provide the transportation. You must make this commitment. That way, you will ensure that you will not be the carrier who gives the virus to another human being. If the virus comes to you, it must stop with you. You must take care of this.”