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Kandhamal Parliamentary Constituency is located in Boudh, Ganjam, Kandhamal & Nayagarh districts of Odisha. As per the estimates of 2011 census, out of total 1701708 population 91.89% is rural and 8.11% is urban population. The Scheduled castes (SC) and Scheduled tribes (ST) ratio is 19.73 and 29.91, respectively out of the total population. As per the voter list of 2019, there are 1259088 electorates and 1563 polling stations in this constituency. Voter turnout in the 2019 Parliamentary election was 74.81% where as it was 73.43% in 2014 Parliamentary Election. The BJD, the BJP and the INC got 49.01%, 33.17% and 14.76% votes respectively in 2019-parliamentary election while 50.21%, 12.95% and 28.64% in 2014-parliamentary election respectively.

“The health of a nation is defined by the quality of education.”

  • Kandhamal Odisha Mountain Photo
  • Kandhamal VIew
  • Achyuta-Samanta-Kandhamal-Nomination
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Advantage Kandhamal

In the case of Kandhamal, the two most important strengths of the district are: Tourism, and Agriculture (e.g. GI Tagged Kandhamal Turmeric)

Both the strengths of the district can truly be leveraged by connecting the district with the coastal areas of Odisha through a Railway network.

  • Kandhamal Development by Achyuta Samanta
  • Achyuta Samanta Constituency Kandhamal
  • Samanta at Kandhamal

Tourism Potential of Kandhamal

The natural domain of Kandhamal district has its riches hidden from the public eye. The natural forest cover, the rivers and streams, a variety of animal life is exotic and exhilarating. The information, statistics and perspective of tourism in Kandhamal district have always been amusing and stimulating. There is no doubt that a good public transport system and matching infrastructure around the selected destinations can attract a lot of visitors both domestic as well as international.

Key attractions:

  • Ludu Waterfall
  • Putudi Waterfall
  • Kalinga Ghat, Silviculture Garden etc.
  • Phulbani, the Mystic River Salunki, Pilasaluki Dam
  • Pakadadarah Waterfall
  • The valley of Daringbadi, Pine Jungles, Coffee Plantations
  • The 2555ft elevation Forestland and Sanctuary of Belghar
  • Katramal Waterfall and the flying fishes of its ponds
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Agricultural Potential of Kandhamal

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Forest Produce

Kandhamal district has got 5709.83 Sq. Kms. of forest area which is 71% of the total geographical area of the district. The bounties of nature has endowed the district with rich forest abound in Sal, Sisal, Bija, Asana etc with some precious varieties like Sandalwood etc. Forest produce of economic importance of the district mainly consists of Bamboo, Kendu Leaf, Tamarind, Mahua Flower and Seeds, Sal Seeds etc.

Other Produce

Paddy, Vegetables, Maize, Mustard, Ginger, Horse Gram and Turmeric are the principal crops. The district is known for cultivating a variety of vegetables and spices organically. The favourable agro-climatic conditions of the district promote the cultivation of horticulture crops such as Mango, Banana, Guava, Papaya and Jackfruit. The district has a conducive climate for vegetable production. As the district enjoys a low temperature throughout the year, it is suitable for vegetable production like Cabbage, Beans, Cauliflower etc. in off seasons.

Medicinal & Organic Produce

The district is very suitable for cultivation of medicinal plants and organic spices like turmeric and ginger. The district is by default, organic. Kandhamal occupies a unique position in spice production in the state. The tribal of the district are traditionally grow turmeric and ginger organically from ages, which is the main cash crop for their economic development.
Once good connectivity and transportation system such as a Rail Network is provided, Kandhamal has the potential to become the Organic Crop production hub of Odisha and even that of India.

Value addition & scope of Agro Processing

The district has a very good scope for value addition and food processing, as a lot of vegetable and spices are grown in the district.

These are the upcoming sectors which have the potential to generate lot of employment opportunities in the rural areas. Unfortunately, in Kandhamal this potential has not been properly exploited. The food processing industry is not that well developed and is limited to grain processing like rice mills, flour mill and turmeric processing plant.

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