Art of Giving is all about creating an unconditional and sustainable abundance of love, peace and happiness and contentment for others through gestures of kindness and generosity. The key to peace and happiness lies in unlocking the Art of Giving in each individual. It is a not-for-profit initiative for spreading, supporting and promoting the practice of the art of giving around the world.

Art of Giving is not limited to giving wealth, money or any worldly things, it can be in the form of some words of solace to the needy, a pat on the back, a smile back or any random act of kindness. In the times of Corona Crisis, when we have realized that we are on the same boat, all of us are fragile but at the same time important and needed, each of us require comforting the other, Art of Giving plays a vital role.

Disrupting one’s usual routine for the benefit of others may not be to everyone’s liking. Still, throughout history, humans have been willing to make sacrifices to protect the health of others. The willingness to do so seems to be part of human nature. There is evidence from the prehistory of human groups supporting elderly and disabled people who would have been unlikely to survive on their own. People are self-isolating and following the norms. Sometimes giving up is also GIVING.

There have been umpteen examples and stories of people on the frontline who have stood as heroes and sacrificed their lives for helping us battle against COVID19. They have not thought about their families or stigma before their service. Police, Sanitation workers, media and those who are making essential goods available are also working hard, risking their lives to help us stay home and safe.

Beyond frontlines, people have also taken up tasks of giving in their individual capacities whether it’s food to the needy, or masks to people on the frontline, or camel’s milk for an autistic child, fetching groceries for elderly neighbours, distributing vegetables for free, waiving of rents. Humanity is seen in different forms and different levels – that’s what gives strength to all to fight fear, anxiety, tensions and losses in such trying times. Just being available for duty despite facing severe need at home is also Art of Giving.

But there is a fragile line of distinction one has to make. One can’t go on giving without keeping the guidelines of social distancing in mind. One can’t just venture out and start giving without even realizing the actual need. One can’t just be biased or do any social discrimination while giving- That’s where art comes in, and it’s all about Art of Giving.

These are challenging and frightening times. As we respond to the coronavirus emergency and the immediate needs of the people and communities impacted by it, let us also keep in view the systemic needs and possibilities that crisis exposes. Despite the trauma all around us, let us embrace this moment as an opportunity to move forward to create a better world for all by practising the art of giving because it’s the best way to get happiness and peace.