The Covid-19 pandemic has upended all spheres of life and livelihood in Odisha, India and the world. Almost all the countries are struggling every day to control the rate of transmission and recover the economy. As the lockdown measures are easing, the number of new coronavirus infections is increasing by day in India and Odisha. This steep rise is also because of ramping up the testing facility. Thousands have succumbed to the virus and have also lost their lives. The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing us to make sudden, drastic shifts to our way of life to keep ourselves and our communities healthy and safe. But even in this uncertain time, we can still find reasons for hope. 

KIIT has always reached out to the distressed people at the time of natural calamities in the state. KIIT is making continued efforts to help humanity fight these challenging times of Covid 19. KIIT Deemed University has made an announcement to provide free education to the children of Covid 19 deceased in Odisha according to their interest and eligibility for admission. The foregoing of the fees for professional and technical education including Diploma and ITI at KIIT University will help the family of the deceased during these challenging pandemic times. This facility is available for the batches of 2021 and 2022 and to all the children of men/women who have lost life battling with Corona. This makes KIIT the first university in India and the world to announce such an exemplary humanitarian initiative for fostering education as a pillar of development. Preference will be given to the children of Covid deceased from BPL, SC, ST and SCBC categories.

It has few implications :- 

  1. It will inspire other institutions to walk the extra mile
  2. Such positive stories are serves as light at the end of the tunnel 
  3. It will have a long term impact in shaping the careers of the children whose lives would have otherwise be broken to smithereens because of the loss of parent/s.

While we all face a long road ahead, and must continue to do our part to fight the COVID-19 transmission, I hope such humble efforts of ours inspire you like it did me. I am never surprised by the power of our community to come together. Stay Healthy, Stay Hopeful.