Founder of KIIT University and KISS University and Hon MP of Kandhamal, Dr. Achyuta Samanta celebrated International Youth Day with the youth of Kandhamal at Phulabani today. In heavy rain, hundreds of youth gathered at the District Convention Centre to meet, greet and listen to Dr. Samanta. In his speech, he drew the attention of the youth to the huge opportunity that India has by the virtue of being the youngest nation. He said that this dividend of the nation can only remain a dividend if the youth make it so. Otherwise it will become a disaster.

He encouraged the youth present to lead a life that first enables them and then empowers them to help others. He drew an example from his own life where a very poor kid from a remote rural place could become a world figure in the field of entrepreneurship and philanthropy. He emphasised on the role of parents, the duty of the children to look after the elderly ones in the family. He talked about the huge potential of the youth in social service and encouraged them to spend a little time and energy to make their own community better.

He announced several improvement plans for the youth of Kandhamal too. AMA KANDHAMAL, a specific youth program was launched.He also announced that in September there will be a massive Job Fair to employ as many youth as possible. He announced skill development programs on various soft and hard skills. The youth present took a pledge to remain with him, take part in the developmental programs and contribute to the overall development of Kandhamal.