Prof. Achyuta Samanta delivered the 7th Foundation Day Address at Centre for Innovations in Public Systems (CIPS) of Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), Hyderabad on May 22, 2017. Topic of his address was: ‘Social Innovation : KISS as a Role Model’. The address was attended by Shri K. Padmanabhaiah, IAS (Retd.), Chairman – Court of Governors, ASCI, Mr. Rajen Habib Khwaja, Director- General, Dr. Nivedita Pranatharthiharan, Director, CIPS and other senior officials.


Appreciating Prof. Samanta’s efforts of poverty alleviation through KISS, the Director, CIPS said, “Prof. Samanta is a motivator par excellence. He is a person in a hurry. He has done something in 20 years that Government cannot do in decades together. His life story is most motivating and most powerful narrative present today. India needs 100 Samanta’s today.”

 “Your thought-provoking and motivating talk was the perfect Foundation Day event for CIPS. Your social innovation is a marvel of modern day India and CIPS will use all its resources to get it replicated in every state”, Dr. Pranatharthiharan added.

 Centre for Innovations in Public Systems is an autonomous body of the Government of India. The Administrative Staff College of India was established in 1956 at the initiative of the government and the corporate sector to equip corporate managers, administrators, entrepreneurs and academicians with the skills to synthesize managerial theory and practice; and respond to the ever-increasing complexity of managerial issues confronting the government, industrial enterprises and non-government organizations.