In recognition to his outstanding contribution in the field of education, social work and in appreciation to his relentless effort to create an equitable world sans poverty and ignorance, the Republic of Mongolia has conferred the highest Civilian Award “BEST WORKER’ on Dr. Achyuta Samanta, Founder KIIT and KISS. In a ceremony organized in Ulaanbaatar the capital of Mongolia on September 1, last Achyuta Samanta received the award in absentia.

Unlike other countries, persons of high social standing, institutions of national importance and non-governmental organisations with national and international recognition propose the names of individuals, organisations working for the society in diverse fields, to the concerned Ministries to consider conferring “BEST WORKER” Award. After scrutiny, the concerned Ministries send the names of the selected nominee to the Parliament which decides on it, through rigorous process. Once the Parliament ratifies the proposal, it goes for Presidential ascent. Only after the President puts his seal of approval, the nominee is declared as “BEST WORKER” in the field. Dr. Samanta has been declared as “BEST WORKER” by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Ministry of Labour.

“BEST WORKER” is incidentally, the highest Civilian Award any person of foreign origin could get. Samanta has become the first Odia to receive this coveted award being chosen by two separate Ministries of the Government of Mongolia. The Awards contain citations and gold medals. Since Dr. Samanta’s name was proposed by Hangai University and Prof. Dr. Timur Ochir, former Speaker and a former Education Minister, Hangai organized a function to congratulate Dr. Samanta. Besides Dr. Samanta was accorded a grand Civil Reception in the city centre, Ulaanbaatar.