Achyuta Samanta, Founder, KIIT & KISS has been featured on the cover page of Reader’s Digest magazine on its February 2013 issue. It is a matter of pride for everyone like him who works silently trying to create an equitable world free from hunger and ignorance despite being born poor braving all odds. It is a rare history of Reader’s Digest to project an individual’s life style in 8 pages. In past, many world class publications like ‘Time’, ‘South China Morning Post’, ‘Times of India’,  ‘Outlook’,  ‘India Today’, and many others have brought out feature stories on him and his works. While all these reputed publications, being newspapers or news magazines, projected his efforts objectively; Reader’s Digest, the world’s most loved magazine published in 20 languages from 50 countries with a circulation over few million copies and having a rich legacy of over 90 years, has featured Samanta on its cover page presenting his life’s struggles in a lucid style. Samanta has become one among very few people from Odisha to be featured in this prestigious publication.