Yet again, Dr. Achyuta Samanta, Founder of Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) and Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) has been lauded for his commendable works in the field of social welfare  by the most prestigious news paper of the world ‘The Times’ from London which was established in 1788.

Hailing Samanta’s relentless work for empowering the poorest of the poor tribals living in the lowest strata of society in India through education, the daily has given a comprehensive report.  Appreciating Samanta’s love for all religions and his secular attitude, despite being a Hindu, the report has lauded Samanta for creating an ambiance of religious tolerance, good social work through synergization with formal education.

In his writing Ziauddin Sardar, an eminent journalist, showered praises on Samanta putting him on a different pedestal being so unlike of the preachers of various religions who try to help people only after converting them. Describing Samanta for being motivated by his own Hindu notion of ‘seva’ or service to humanity, The Times has hailed Samanta as a man doing service without expectation of any reward and a follower of Gandhi’s dream of educating the tribal children without any pressure on them to assimilate rather providing them with all facilities to retain their own individual dignity and cultural variation. Praising the catholicity of Samanta, he has written extensively about the model chosen by him to help the downtrodden without any intention of converting them to a particular faith.

It is, indeed, a great honour for any individual to find a place in ‘The Times, London’ being an ordinary human being, said Samanta candidly while he came to know about it from his friends in London who were euphoric for the fact that with Samanta, the entire state of Odisha in general and Bhubaneswar in particular became more known in the world for a great reason. To be featured in the largest circulated English daily from London, ‘The Times’ which sells nearly 4 (four) million copies a day, is in itself a great honour for any individual, said a prominent UK based Indian in London. Samanta has already shared the printing space with many illustrious individuals in the pages of TIME, ‘Reader’s Digest’ and many other important publications across the world.