In my blogs, I just pen down my experiences. I am neither a prolific writer nor an acclaimed author. As a person, who is immersed in work always, I don’t get time to read books or newspapers. I just write what is in my heart. My experience is my content and my simplicity is my lucidity. What I am going to share with you now is an experience that brings out the adage ‘as you sow, so you reap,’ vividly. It might read as a very simple instance, but it brings with itself a profound meaning and message.

Most of you reading this blog know that I stay alone in a rented apartment and that I have rightfully chosen it for myself. This humble residence goes by my ethos of simple living. I have been able to give it to myself after bravely facing adversities and converting them to advantage as a self- made man. I love to do all my work by myself. As much as possible and as far as feasible, I do all my work myself. I am an enthusiastic cook but due to paucity of time I can’t engage myself in this hobby.

A member of staff, attached with me to help me at home had tested Covid-19 positive over two months back and even after seventy five days, he is on his path to recovery. This leaves me with an option to do a lot of household work myself, including making of tea and I like it.

In his absence, I make tea for myself and the security guard in the morning and night shift. I also serve them tea, 3-4 types of savouries and biscuits and take my tea too. I have seen them becoming really happy, occasionally shy and proud that I serve them tea and treat them like my family. It’s been a regular morning and evening ritual for me and them. I feel immensely happy that the least I am doing is giving happiness to these two gentle souls.

These security guards have been working with us for the last 10-15 years. But they have always been very happy doing their job – guarding the house. I have had an occasional chat every now and then, but had not spent much time with them like I am doing now. The absence of my member of staff and this time of pandemic lent me an opportunity to serve the security guards, connect with them, smile and have an unsaid exchange of a range of emotions.

To my surprise in a happy way, they have started doing a lot of work at home, without even claiming or letting anyone know. Quietly, they could come, clean the house, even the utensils, water the plants, and may be much more that doesn’t come to my notice. A house help that comes in the morning feels astonished when all the work is complete, having no pending task at hand. What suddenly changed in these years is that they took up beyond-duties voluntarily, to express their gratitude in humblest of ways. It is the extension of kind gesture by me, not one day, but every day.

When we do our bit for the ones who are not as advantaged as we are, they reciprocate it in a bigger way, that can just move you. We have to spread kindness and it is reciprocated in the strangest of ways. We should have patience. It may not be easy to always be kind to the unprivileged for everyone, but we have to learn it as an art. We have to culture it, like my humble beginnings have so brilliantly taught me – to be kind. I also request and submit an advise to my well-wishers, readers and friends who follow my line of thought, to culture kindness, practice it because it might be painstaking, but doesn’t cost a pie. It is the best investment because it brings reciprocation, and if not even that as Bhagvad Gita exhorts, it leaves you extremely happy.