For me, coffee is more than just a drink; it’s the bond that kindles conversations. Amidst the rise of specialty and craft coffees, I have a soft spot for traditional brews with milk. Cappuccino is a personal favourite. I’m heartened to see Odisha embracing its coffee culture with Koraput and Daringbadi coffee. It’s wonderful to watch it thrive.

It’s interesting to note how young adults these days resort to caffeine to pull all-nighters. That was a concept alien to me in my younger days. I don’t necessarily have a preference between coffee and tea. Often, my choice depends on the preference of the company I’m in. And sometimes, I interspace my coffee with tea, relishing the bitter notes of coffee which remind me of life’s bittersweet moments, and the refreshing zest of tea that follows.

To all coffee lovers, brew your favourite bean and enjoy on this International Coffee Day!