Some life stories are incredibly inspiring. The sheer trajectory of their movement from a position of deprivation and disadvantage to becoming the best in their field are stories of hope and possibilities. Dutee Chand and Bhavani Devi, names that need no introduction today have struggled their way out to achieve glory with focused attention, grit and determination, are examples such awe-inspiring life stories.

All such stories of struggle reminds me of my past. I try to help and empower all such individuals that come to my notice. Dutee Chand came from the families of weavers in the most modest and disadvantaged background. She has struggled the stereotype, poverty to take up a niche profession. She fought hypoandrogenism and emerged victorious. She is with us since 2013 and she has succeeded because of her focus and not swayed away from her path.

Bhawani Devi, our ace fencer qualified for Tokyo Olympics. But starting was never easy for her. She was brought up in a very humble background. Her father was a priest and she played with a bamboo stick. But she pursued her goal with extreme indomitable spirit.

Both these girls, pride of India have achieved just because of their commitment and resolve to achieve the aim. I have always tried to help all such motivated souls to keep them going so that they don’t face what I have gone through. I hope these two ace sportspersons bring glory in the Tokyo Olympics and seeing their form and motivation to achieve their one point aim, the possibilities are limitless.

Dutee Chand and Bhavani Devi with Achyuta Samanta