Human beings in their life from childhood to decay go through phases – ups, downs and various other phases between the two. As prisoner of circumstances, human beings are shaped by experiences, response to situations and the zeal to carry on. People become what they gather from their past or atleast try to become such entities as they wish to be. Passing through myriads of emotions between birth and death, human beings need some kind of anchor to sail them through and to be in harmony with oneself.

Spiritualism acts as a pillar and brings a synchronisation in energies of mind and body. All people should embrace on the spiritual journey as it gives immense calmness, keeps one away from negative thoughts, helps in leading a peaceful life, filling the body and mind with positive energy.

I think I am blessed that I had innate inclination towards spirituality right from my childhood. As I grew up, I delved deeper into this consciousness and it gives me unmatched strength to live life instead of simply exisiting. Being brought up in a modest household, with no hand of blessing to support my frail shoulders and head, struggling to get two meals in a day, I can proudly claim that I have never became wayward.

I have always lived a disciplined and principled life. When I look back, I realise that my accomplishments and a transformational journey is because of my spiritual inclination. We have been able to facilitate setting up of over fifty centers of spiritualism and places of worship with utmost sincerity and austerity.

The practice and mindset at the childhood phase converted into unfledgling devotion towards god. By the grace of God, I am blessed and lucky for being able to offer devotion towards the powerful. In a disciplined manner, I have been able to devote myself to fulfilling my spiritual quest and attaining a deeper level of consciousness. At the age of four, I lost the comfort and cushion of both parents but I have never ever lost my roots and have remained stable. When I engage in devotion, I feel so calm.

Spiritualism is a question of mindset. One should not forget the quest for spirituality, find oneself engaged deep into understanding of self and balancing the energies for a disciplined life in general and a happy family life in particular. It provides clarity of thought and build mindfulness, away from anxieties and other peer related pressures. One can approach the realm of spirituality through devotion, meditation, yoga, and even personal reflection and take up, but definitely take it up for self actualization. As Pierre Teilhard de Chardin once said, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”