As you all know, I always write straight from my heart. I share my experiences because they are stronger than fiction. My childhood, instances from my life, anecdotes and experiences have given me a very powerful message and I wish to share this with everyone. Today, I am going to write about a philosophy which is very close to my heart and I believe in it wholeheartedly. It is the age old proverb – Old is Gold. And the Old always glitters.

One should never forget the people who have supported us through thick and thin. We exist because they made it possible for us. They walked with us when all others walked out. The moment we forget our past, our history and those who helped us pass through the rough tides, we lose our humanity. This motto of my life is so dear to me that I have put this slogan in various walls of KIIT and KISS as a reminder to all – ‘who you were, who you are and what will you be’ – is a rough translation of this Odia slogan.

Today, I share my cherished relation with Natabara Sethi from my village, Kalarabanka. Natabara, from the washermen community, as per the caste hierarchy has not attended any formal school. He has been my childhood buddy and has assisted me with all activities- growing of vegetables, par boiling of paddy, going to far away places to earn a living by selling our produce and fetching essentials for home. He would be with me unconditionally and support me with his presence. I have never felt lonely because he was always there to give me company.

I have not forgotten these old instances and make it a point to meet him when I go to village, chat with him, eat together and remember the old simple times. He also loves to spend time with me. This Durga Puja too, when I was at Kalarabanka, we met, ate and spent some time with my classmates.
β€œLet us click a photo together β€œ he asked. “I don’t have a good photograph with you though we have spent so much time together.” I agreed, “Yes, let us store this memory, and I will also tell everyone about our timeless friendship.”

I would like to appeal to my friends reading this blog that one should never forget people and things that drove us to success. One should stay rooted. Even if we rise in life, we should see that the others are lifted too. It may not necessarily be in terms of money or things, but a feeling of being attached and not hesitate to talk, eat, and sit together. Being rooted in the past and following the principles in the present will help us chalk a better path for our future.