Girls (Kanya) are like the rays of the sun. They are the source of energy in a family unit. They are the seeds of prosperity and growth in a family. Throughout history, the central role of women in society has ensured the stability, progress and long-term development of nations. A nation is empowered only when women and girl children are equal partners as men. In the words of Swami Vivekananda, “Countries which do not respect women have never become great, nor can they ever become in future.” Women empowerment is a gateway to peace and development for a nation or society at macro level and family or organization at micro level. There is progress only when there is gender parity and women are respected and treated as equal with men.

India as a nation is revered in a feminine form, i.e., the Bharat Mata; many important government posts are occupied by women; and educated women are pouring into the professional workforce with profound implications for national and multinational corporations. Birth of a girl is equated with coming of wealth and it is compared with Laxmi, the goddess of wealth. However, ironically, these are accompanied by news about dowry killings, female infanticide, domestic violence against women, rape, illegal trafficking and prostitution and myriad others of the same type. Gender discrimination prevails in almost all areas, be it social, cultural, economic or educational. The battle of a girl child starts even before the day she is born. She is ‘fortunate’ if she is permitted to be born. Even after birth, the girl child faces discrimination and oppression. This continues through childhood, adulthood, marriage, old age till death.

To fight such ideas, on the National Girl child day, we arranged a massive awareness drive throughout the country under our initiative Kanya Kiran. I am a staunch supporter of girl child education. I have been promoting it since my childhood. I remember the time when I lost my father at the age of 4, I cared for my younger sibling Iti the most. She was a month old when my father died and she needed a father figure the most. I have been closely associated with her since childhood. I would guide her to study, to work on herself, support her unconditionally and fulfill her dreams. I can proudly say that I have had some contribution to her education. She is now recognised for her work and integrity independently. Even though our family was poor, both of us completed our formal education properly braving all struggles. We are today what we are because of our commitment to academic excellence.

Education is a paramount part of a living being, whether it is a boy or a girl. Education helps an individual to be smarter, to learn new things and to understand the world. Especially women education in India is the most important pillar of development. In terms of inhabitants, India is the second-largest nation in the world but the rate of girl education in India is extremely low. Educating the girl child must be a necessity for the overall development of the country as women play an essential part in the all-around process of the country. Generally, in rural regions, where people seldom want to send their daughters to school, thinking that education is not important for girls as they eventually get married to settle down. Society assumes that girls should stay at home to help their families. This mindset is completely wrong. In its entirety, girl child education can bring around a monumental revolution in society.

When we say, ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ we promote girl child education. Since early childhood, I understood the problems that girls and women had faced. I am working dedicatedly towards girl child education. I feel the difference between an illiterate woman and a man is patriarchy. The latter with the same capabilities will still lead a better life. So it is important we work towards improving the world. Whenever I see a girl child anywhere in the world suffer it really hurts me. It really bothers me, knowing the fact that the girl has to face way more challenges. Hence I take a vow that with the strength of KIIT and KISS, we will be committed to making a world that is equal for both genders and continue our work for Empowerment and Enablement.