Isn’t the Hero Honda Sleek cool? Yes it is. The bike is good-looking from the outside and is a lucky charm for me from the inside. The story of this bike starts with the journey of setting up of KIIT and KISS, institutions of international repute, bread and butter to millions. I got the Hero Honda Sleek as a second hand purchase in the year 1991-92.

Like I mentioned before, it has been my lucky charm and has never given me any trouble. I was riding an average of 300 kilometers for the first 15 years and executing all works for KIIT and KISS in its formative years.

Achyuta Samanta with Hero Honda Sleek Bike


Believe it or not, this bike has a lot of contribution in the establishment of KIIT & KISS. By this time, everyone is aware of the fact that KIIT and KISS were started from the ground with no backup from family or bank. I had no entrepreneurial background. I didn’t have a silver spoon. But this bike was my support. Travelling for 300 kilometers every day to achieve the tasks of KIIT and KISS is something this bike has delivered with ease. It is a testimony to our rise. It was exhausting and at times, impossible, but this bike was my aid, always by my side.

I could never let go of this bike. I still keep my bike intact at my house, performing all the regular servicing and washing to keep the bike alive and new. Twice every year, we perform puja of the bike. I take it for a small ride reminiscing the days of my past struggles and successes. Though I would love to ride the bike again, the circumstances don’t support my intent anymore. The work pressure I have, the responsibilities and the mental pressure that I carry, riding a bike regularly isn’t advisable for me. Even my well wishers ask me to be cautious.

Achyuta Samanta with Hero Honda Sleek Bike
On a lighter note, I can proudly say that, back in the day, my friends would ask for my bike to take their girlfriends out on dates. And 30 years later, these couples are married with children, so yes, this bike has been help to those budding lovers too.

For me this bike has meant to be my partner at work. It’s been 30 years and counting that I have treasured this. Nowadays, I have no scope for riding two wheeler, but I have highest regard for it. Today, KIIT has over 300 light and heavy vehicles, including many high end premier vehicles. But, I am indebted to the Hero Honda Sleek. It has a life and a soul of its own, a witness to my incredible journey. This will definitely be kept in KIIT museum in future.

This blog is in two parts. The second story of the bike will be uploaded the next week. Stay glued to my blogs.