Happiness is serving people and dedicating yourself to the service of humanity. Happiness multiplies when you and your work becomes an example and inspiration for others to follow. Happiness exponentially grows when people toe your line to gift greatest good to people in their own capacity. In this way, the value of inspiration increases and it gives greater impetus to provide selfless service.

In this blog, I want to make my readers meet Ganesh G Mundhe who works at Siemens Ltd, Aurangabad as a Junior Executive and Nikesh Bhogilal Madare, a contractual teacher at MS Jain Special School, Jalna. These two gentleman, our great well wishers and ardent followers of Art of Giving got inspired when they saw KISS Mega Kitchens Episode on National Geographic Channel a few years back. They tried to frantically search my number and address for almost two years before visiting us at KIIT and KISS and taking us by a happy surprise. They wanted to just see KIIT and KISS and meet me once. And destiny favours the determined, we met two years before this pandemic.

Since then, they have been practicing the philosophy of Art of Giving in letter, spirit, thoughts and action. They have initiated their social work under the name of Divya Jyoti Foundation and are helping to uplift the differently abled. They are inspired by our story of resilience and success, and I am inspired by their commitment to give back to the society even when they live modest lives struggling to live hand to mouth at times. But giving is not related to wealth, it is mostly based on intentions. And that is how they are able to make a difference in their own lives by making a difference in the society.

Nikesh is visually impaired but no tragedy is big enough to dissuade him from his academic pursuance. He has completed his PhD and is one of the first visually impaired to submit his doctoral thesis in his area. Despite all circumstances that do not provide a conducive environment to sustain charitable activities, Nikesh has continued his unconditional work with his friend. Their social service is an example for others.

Generally, they have been coming every year to meet me since their first visit to KIIT and KISS, but due to the pandemic, they have been postponing the trip. I met them today after two years. I am happy that Covid has multiplied their spirit to give back to the society. We discussed about our work and intiatives to make the world a better place.

I firmly believe that if one has strong willpower and intention, one can achieve what one dreams of and also some unprecedented feats which were not even dreamt, giving a shock and surprise to oneself about ones potential. Such strong hearted people with a strong will to render unconditional service to the society makes this world livable by ameliorating sufferings from the face of the earth, one step at a time.