Women are the backbone of a nation, state and even an institution. They are all-rounders playing different roles, i.e. from being primary caretakers to running economies and nations. I understood the importance of strong women in society since my childhood from my mother, my hero! She was the inspiration behind my hard-work, and it was my mother who told me that “empowering women is the fundamental step towards development“. She showed me that women have equal rights to participate in education, society, economics and politics.

Understanding the need for women empowerment is essential but what is more essential is the action taken to ensure this. The first and foremost step is to start at households. If there is a change in the household then slowly society changes and with that, the government too will have to create stricter laws for the same. The government has already set laws for equality and reservation of women in many areas but it has to ensure that these laws are being followed appropriately.

Educating the society on this topic is an important tool. When society has knowledge about right and wrong, decisions can be made to improve the life of not only women but every person in the society that has been a victim of societal expectations and standards. Each and every person should look to participate in the issue of women empowerment. When the country acts united, the purpose of the movement becomes stronger.

Today, the unemployment of women and unequal opportunities in society are major issues hindering women’s growth. The root to empowering women is education. Whenever I come across a girl child who can’t afford education, I take the most important step to educate them. I have done this in several instances. It gives me immense pleasure to see girl children get the education they deserve. Educated girls can make informed choices – and from a far better range of options. Educating girls saves lives and builds stronger families, communities and economies. Most importantly, educated women can find jobs for themselves on a basic level and live with dignity.

The ever-changing modern world may be an exciting place but it is not the best! The issues of sexual discrimination continue to this day. To bring changes, women empowerment is needed. Women empowerment is the answer to many problems the society faces in current times. It definitely is time to create major changes.