“What a privilege it is to be once again with the person I admire so much. People come to Odisha for two reasons, one for Jagannath Temple and the other one is KISS – temple of learning and sanctuary of Service. One man can do so much, it is incredible,” said Shri Shekhar Mehta, President, Rotary International praising our efforts.

Mr Mehta who was on a visit to KIIT and KISS has been an old acquaintance. He was kind enough to shower praises for my work. I have been a social worker before I was an entrepreneur. Even today, I feel I own more of social-entrepreneurship skills than general entrepreneurship skills.

Every individual who thinks to bring such a change in their lives have to undergo something life altering. Be it poverty, hardships or even a small accident that changes the perception of our life. This can be termed as the “Curve Of Giving”. In a normal curve, human beings are wired to be selfish species. In the initial portion of the curve, they are supposed to look after themselves first and take care of their own luxury. In the median phase of the curve, we are wired to take care of our families and friends. For numerous people societal giving isn’t even a part of their life. I don’t blame them. We are born to look out for ourselves. But there are few individuals who take care of other before looking after themselves. These are people who redefine humanity. This becomes the curve that impacts humanity. Our initiative of Art Of Giving was once such step towards redefining humanity.


Stressing on this point, Mr Mehta while addressing members of KIIT, KISS and Art of Giving (AOG) said, “AOG is joy of living. There is a curve of giving in every person’s life when we start giving and thinking of others. Bill Gates got the curve of Giving at the age of 52 when he decided to donate all his wealth keeping just 1 percent, Warren Buffet at 80 when he donated his money to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Mark Zuckerberg at 40 after the birth of his daughter, Samanta Sir’s curve of giving came at the age of 4. The goodwill that you have created will remain forever. KIIT and KISS have similar philosophy like Rotary.” Mr Mehta correctly pointed out the fact that poverty, childhood helplessness and discrimination made my determination to change the society and I am doing my best.

Today, Rotarians from across the world are supporting the cause I fight for and that makes me happy. Very humbly, Mr Mehta has accepted to be the “Global Goodwill Ambassador” of Art of Giving which is huge step towards humanity. As an ambassador, he will promote Art of Giving by spreading the message of ‘kind and happiness’ globally.

Also, Rotary International will set up an eye hospital in Kandhamal parliamentary constituency soon. The hospital will start functioning within one year and treat patients entirely free of cost. This is the beginning of our commitment towards a sustainable and humane future. To sum up, we should always try to give, and be a humble donor, because it gives us immense happiness and gets our curve of giving earlier in our lives to get more time to give back to the society.