While the ruthless Corona pandemic has engulfed the whole world, we here in Odisha also suffer a lot from the viciousness of the lethal virus. When the people heaved a sigh of relief from the havoc of Corona(first wave) and started resuming their normal lifestyle, the unanticipated second wave of the pandemic has entailed a gigantic challenge.

Charity begins at home. Few of our staff members have been victimized by Corona and have succumbed to it. Some of our staff members have lost their family member/s. The management of KIIT & KISS has decided to provide 5 lakhs rupees as a token of assistance to the family of each employee(who has succumbed to Corona) in order to alleviate his/her tragedy to a little extent. Besides, one eligible person from his/her family will be employed suitably in KIIT, KISS or KIMS depending upon his/her educational qualification.

KIIT & KISS have constituted three committees for facilitating the people across the state and outside during this COVID-19 crisis, counseling the staff and outside members from time to time and for extending necessary support and facilitating the staff and their family members those who have been affected in COVID-19. Besides care for the staff members, KIIT & KISS have been engaged in extending food relief in 14 districts of Odisha.

The message is simple — no matter the circumstances, whatever is going on, be kind and do your part because we’re in this together and this too shall pass.