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As you sow, so you reap

2021-07-17T15:01:26+05:3017 Jul 2021|Blog|

In my blogs, I just pen down my experiences. I am neither a prolific writer nor an acclaimed author. As >

  • Lord Shiv & Parbati Achyuta Samanta

Lessons of Life

2021-06-19T20:30:21+05:3019 Jun 2021|Blog|

I live a very open life, a life where I practise what I preach. There is no compartmentalisation of who >

  • Prof. Achyuta Samanta with Friends 1

Friends for Life

2021-06-12T21:36:21+05:3012 Jun 2021|Blog|

As I learnt that 8th June marks the National Best Friends Day in USA, I had earmarked this theme for >

  • Achyuta Samanta Bicycle Diaries

Bicycle Diaries

2021-06-05T15:25:51+05:305 Jun 2021|Blog|

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there is a day dedicated to bicycle - 3rd June. And why not? >

  • Biscuits To The Rescue | Achyuta Samanta

Biscuits To The Rescue

2021-05-29T20:47:36+05:3029 May 2021|Blog|

"Happy National Biscuit Day" a gentleman sent this message to me this morning. "Last Saturday, I read your blog on >

  • Prof. Achyuta Samanta Making Tea at his Home

Tea is Life!

2021-05-22T13:48:12+05:3022 May 2021|Blog|

21st of May marks the International Tea Day to recognise the contribution of tea farming and sustainable practices that help >

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