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  • Achyuta Samanta on Coconut Water

Coconut! Nadiya! Paeda!

2023-09-02T13:19:26+05:302 Sep 2023|Blog|

Someone told me that today is World Coconut Day, and I felt incredibly happy to learn that something so close >

  • Praggnanandhaa at KIIT

Praggnanandhaa at KIIT

2023-08-26T10:10:37+05:3026 Aug 2023|Blog|

Today, our nation stands united in pride as we applaud Praggnanandhaa and his exceptional achievement. His name resonates in conversations >

  • Achyuta Samanta Inaugurating KIMS Ambulance Service

World Health Day

2023-04-07T12:10:14+05:307 Apr 2023|Blog|

Access to quality healthcare is a crucial concern that cannot be ignored. For me, this issue hit particularly close to >

  • Nostalgia of Kali Puja

Nostalgia of Kali Puja

2022-10-25T00:04:43+05:3025 Oct 2022|Blog|

Today marks the auspicious occasion of Kali Puja. The time of festivities takes me down the lane of nostalgia. I >

  • Manorama Mahapatra - Achyuta Samanta

Lifelong gratitude

2022-10-23T00:32:25+05:3022 Oct 2022|Blog|

Today, I attended the eleventh day ritual of Late Manorama Mahapatra of Keonjhar. I prayed for her departed soul to >

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