We should not forget Mother, Motherland and Mother tongue: M. Venkaiah Naidu, Vice President of India releases the book ‘My Mother – My Hero’

We should not forget Mother, Motherland and our Mother tongue, said Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu, Vice President of India during the release of ‘My Mother – My Hero’ at Rajbhawan on 2nd April 2021. We read biographies of entrepreneurs, explorers and scientists, but writing the biography of a mother is something different and unique. Writing biography on mother is very inspiring, he added.

Gracing the occasion Prof. Ganeshi Lal, Governor of Odisha said, we should not only serve humanity but to worship humanity also. In such an early stage, Dr. Samanta has written such an important book. I remember Thakkar Bapa when I see Achyuta Samanta, said Prof. Ganeshi Lal.

Achyuta Samanta - Neelimarani Book - My Mother My Hero

The book ‘My Mother – My Hero’ on an ideal mother was written by eminent educationist and social worker Dr. Achyuta Samanta.

Speaking at the Book Release ceremony, Dr. Samanta said, he has been emphasizing women’s empowerment as he has felt women’s power since his childhood. “Women’s power helps in the holistic development of a nation and society. If importance is given to women’s empowerment, the nation and society can develop”, he stated. The book is all about women’s power and he has expressed it by taking the example of his mother.

Neelimarani, the mother of Dr. Achyuta Samanta was an ordinary human being with some extraordinary dreams and vision to help society. Her ideology put a deep impact on Dr. Samanta for doing something for society. Living a life full of struggles, Neelimarani could develop a small remote village into a smart village and Manapur into a smart panchayat. How she had always been insisting Dr. Samanta for the development of their native village Kalarabanka is the main theme of the book.

Due to the accidental death of Dr. Samanta’s father, his mother Neelimaranri became helpless at the age of only 40. This tragedy pushed her into unimaginable hardship and struggle. But, she never gave up her strong willpower, principles, and struggle. Till her last breath, she had been insisting Dr. Samanta for the development of Kalarabank smart village and Manapur panchayat.

Whatever Dr. Samanta has been achieving, it is because of her mother’s values that he picked up while growing up. She groomed Dr. Samanta to become what he is. All his accomplishments are dedicated to her mother Neelimarani.