Date Debate title/Bill name Debate Type
10.02.2023 The Union Budget 2023-2024 Budget (General)
20.12.2022 Problem of Drug Abuse in the Country and steps taken by the Government there on (Discussion not concluded). LS – Short Duration Discussions (Rule-193)
19.12.2022 Motion for consideration of the Constitution (Scheduled Tribes) Order (Fourth Amendment) Bill, 2022 (Motion adopted amd bill passed) Government Bills
07.12.2022 To withdraw GST on Kendu leaves Special Mention
14.12.2021 Demand to minister consider sharing 60 percent of clean energey cess as demanded by state govt amounting to rs. 30,000 crore Special Mention
08.12.2021 Discussion on climate change LS – Short Duration Discussions (Rule-193)
02.12.2021 Discussion on COVID-19 pandemic and various aspects related to it LS – Short Duration Discussions (Rule-193)
10.08.2021 The Constitution (One Hundred and Twenty-Seventh Amendment) Bill, 2021 Government Bills
16.03.2021 The Budget (General) ”’2021-2022 ”’ Demand Budget (General)
15.03.2021 The Union Budget ”’ 202 Budget (General)
11.02.2021 The Union Budget ‘ 2021-2022 Budget (General)
09.02.2021 Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address
21.09.2020 The Epidemic Diseases (Amendment) Ordinance, 2020 and The Epidemic Diseases (Amendment) Bill, 2020 Government Bills
20.09.2020 Request to Minister of Home Affairs to provide Odisha with a special fund for building long-term disaster-resilient infrastructure Special Mention
20.09.2020 Discussion on COVID-19 situation in the country LS – Short Duration Discussions (Rule-193)
13.03.2020 The Union Budget ‘2020-2021 ‘ Demand for Grant Nos. 92 and 93 Budget (General)
10.02.2020 The Union Budget ‘2020-2021 Budget (General)
05.02.2020 Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address
05.02.2020 Request to govt. to sanction the balance amount of 15 states for mgnrega policy Special Mention
05.02.2020 Request to govt. to set up the national tribal museum in Odisha Special Mention
09.12.2019 The Arms (Amendment) Bill, 2019 Government Bills
09.12.2019 Regarding integration of schemes meant for tackling malnutrition in the country LS – Matters under (Rule-377)
03.12.2019 The Recycling of Ships Bill, 2019 Government Bills
02.12.2019 Request to consider the creation and establishment of Kalinga Regiment honouring the brave Odisha people of the Indian Army Special Mention
05.08.2019 The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2019 Government Bills
05.08.2019 Demand for Gandhi Circuit Memory Path in Odisha Special mention
29.07.2019 The National Medical Commission Bill, 2019 Government Bills
18.07.2019 Request to govt. to include 2-3 sites of Odisha in as iconic tourism destinations. Special Mention
17.07.2019 Discussion on the Demand for Grant No. 100 under the control of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports Budget (General)
27.06.2019 Request to give railway connectivity to the Kandhamal district of Odisha Special Mention