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  • AChyuta Samanta with Coffee

Coffee for Me

2023-10-01T14:38:45+05:301 Oct 2023|Blog|

For me, coffee is more than just a drink; it's the bond that kindles conversations. Amidst the rise of specialty >

  • Education Has No Limit Achyuta Samanta

Education Has No Limit

2021-04-17T21:44:35+05:3017 Apr 2021|Blog|

My life is an open book. You all know how I was brought up in a poor setting. Electricity was >

  • Achyuta Samanta with Father

Inheritance of Kindness Gene

2021-03-20T18:08:38+05:3020 Mar 2021|Blog|

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Generally, the children are a reflection of their parents who are considered >

  • Achyuta Samanta with Iti Samanta

Reminiscing a day from my past!

2020-11-07T14:18:09+05:307 Nov 2020|Blog|

Close to my village, near the Contuar Chakk, a beggar used to reside in a small shanty that he built >

  • Achyuta Samanta Iti Samanta With Mother

Maa, Iti and Me

2020-10-31T13:39:29+05:3031 Oct 2020|Blog|

There is nothing discreet about our humble financial background. I recall when we were very young, we had to manage >

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