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Prof. (Dr.) Samir K. Brahmachari

I am proud of being an Indian who can build such Industrial organizations like KIIT & KISS. What a wonder ! I salute the builder of these Institutions who has given opportunities to the young people.

Prof. Ada Etil Yonath

My country, Israel has 25000 students, but here at KISS, I see the same numbers. KISS is really impressive.

Prof. Anil D. Sahasrabudhe

Realisation of Prof. Achyuta Samanta’s vision and dream is as much a matter of happiness for me and the entire country as for him. In KIIT and KISS, I see new Taxila University and Nalanda University being developed.

Prof. Hans Hengartner

This institution left me with an impression that our involvement are done absolutely correctly. I am eager to follow the development of KIIT very closely. I am interested to stay in contact with KIIT during the next further years.

Prof. J. Georg Bednorz
Nobel Laureate in Physics-1987, Zurich

KISS is a real ‘Lighthouse Project’. It is a manifestation of the motto of Art of Giving by its Founder.

Prof. Moolchand Sharma

Dr. Samanta’s work goes one step ahead of the philanthropy of Mr. Bill Gates. While Gates started social service after ensuring a huge fortune for himself and his company, Samanta started giving back to the society, even when he did not have anything even for himself.

Prof. Omkarnath Mohanty

The learning opportunities for the most disadvantaged at KISS will transform lives not only of children but also change their families and communities. His vision and its translation into reality is a huge contribution to the social development of the state and of the country.

Prof. Paul F. Castellanos

Very impressive understating to provide such extensive expressive educational facilities. The scale of it is amazing and will surely impact the future of India. This is India’s secret to success.

Prof. Rolf M. Zinkernagel

We thank KIIT and its management for a wonderful conference, an impressive inauguration of the School of Biotechnology and Convocation. Organisation of our visit and of the events was excellent and highly professional.

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